Welcome to the Flying Rabbit hole. Electronics and Drone DIY projects.

Recentlty, I scavenged a working JBL GO speaker, but with a dead battery. After using it few weeks in “wired mode”, I decided to replace it’s Lion battery.
Detailed steps of my DIY flight controller prototype assembly and testing journey
If you're in the process of creating a new Betaflight board, this post will guide you to get a working betaflight target, from the STM32 pinout to the configuration file.
As an electronic engineer and FPV drone pilot, making my own flight controller has been a project around for a while. I finally get it done, so let's dive into the design process of a Betaflight based flight controller.
I've recently rebuild and modernized my BackPackerHD quad, with some hardware and software improvement.
3D printed adaptator for Runcam Split lens, using ROSCO professional ND filter.
The TPU stack flies in my Flosstyle build for few months now, time to check how it's going !

FPV Power Bank v2

After 6 months of use, here is what I modified on my compact FPV power bank.
In this post, I will cover the design process of the TPU Stack, from parts selection to the assembly.
When it comes to building a durable quad, people often think of making a stronger frame or adding motor guard. But other parts such as the stack are left as is. This project focus on the protection of those electronic parts.